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Give your Home a Charm with Refined Onyx

Refined Onyx

Onyx is one of the beautiful natural stone you’ll come across that has a variety of colors and allows for beautiful interior design. It can be used as an alternative fit to marble. Onyx is a very beautiful stone with

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Know about Italian marbles

Italian marbles

You must be wondering what is the difference between Italian marbles and normal marbles right? Well to bring to your kind knowledge Italian marble is basically a stone discovered in Italy. It is regarded to be one type of marble.

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Ornate your floors with Vitrified Tiles

In today’s designer world, it’s all about the aesthetics – be it the décor, be it the wall or be it the floor. How your floors look to determine what impression they make on your guests. To enhance your room

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Gaze at your New Bathroom Tiles’ Design

Bathroom Tiles

The bathroom is the place which is being judged always for its look. It is the secret value space of a family at the same time making it a symbol of status.  While decorating your house, if you forget of

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Enhance you Domicile through Imported Tiles


Who doesn’t want to enhance their lifestyle. We always hunt for things that are eye catchy in other’s eyes; something classy, unconventional and breathtaking. So basically, the first outlook benefits through your house. Ain’t  it? The response being, IMPORTED TILES.

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An ideal canvas of tiles for your kitchen and bathroom

A tile wall in the kitchen or bathroom counters which helps to protect the wall from splashes of water is typically known as Backsplashes. Backsplashes are directly situated behind the sink and can be further extended. There is no such

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Tips to decorate your home in most fashionable way

Home decoration is not a piece of cake for everyone because it involves proper knowledge of interior and exterior designing. There are many aspects which need to be considered before starting the task of home decoration. In case you have

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The Best Floor Tile to Use in the Kitchen

Your kitchen floor more than any other floor in your house will be used. Therefore, you need a type of flooring that will endure much use along with getting dirty, wet, and greasy. Kitchen tile is your best bet. But

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Which Marble Is Better, Indian or Italian?

Nowadays, many expensive, premium apartment and villa projects provide marble as a flooring option. Is Indian marble better than the Italian marble to command such a premium? People also very often ask this question: should I go for Indian or

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Top Reasons to Use Travertine Floor Tiles


These are the top reasons to use Travertine floor tiles compared to the other tiles and flooring options that are available to the homeowner. Travertine floor tiles can come to you with several different color options based on the Travertine

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