Month: July 2017

5 Best Italian Marbles for Home Décor

Italian marbles

These days Italian Marble is gaining popularity not only for interior home décor but also in commercial décor. Italian marble is widely demanded in offices, big companies, hotels, and other industries. This is because of their riotous appearance, long lasting

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Dream bathroom flooring with Porcelain Tiles

bathroom floor tiles

Porcelain tiles are ideal for the longevity of your bathroom flooring. The study says, the average flooring and sub flooring of your bathroom nearly lasts for 60 years. Continuing to this, the other floor tiles like the carpet flooring will

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Vinyl Floor Tiles- A Thorough Study

Vinyl Floor Tiles

Manufacturing Process While almost all the manufacturers have their own property formula tactics for producing Vinyl floor tiles, in general, the product is made by using additives to vinyl resin, like- plasticizers, stabilizers, pigments and fillers. There are two methods

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4 Ways to Enlighten Your Living Room

The first step of the impression to the whole of your home is your living room. The outlook of your living room forms an impression regarding your lifestyle. Thereby, it is important to decorate and furnish your living room. The

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Contrast between Indian Marbles and Italian Marbles

Italian marbles

Today’s post is going to all the readers who actually have a problem in distinguishing between Indian marbles and Italian marbles. We have brought to you some salient features of Indian marbles and Italian marbles which will help you in

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View of Floor Tiles in Each Room

If you want to have floors in your room decorated with tiles, you should know which type of tiles would look good in different rooms. It can be bit tough to decide about the best floor tile to attach to

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Use of Floor Tiles in Garage

sandstone flooring Kolkata

The garage is that part of your home that has dirtiest of the floor than the other peripherals. If you want to opt for cleaner floor or attractive look, garage floor tiles will update your floor while protecting the floor

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Polishing your White Marble Flooring

Marble flooring looks exquisitely beautiful but you also need to take care of its maintenance. Taking care of it will keep that gleaming rich texture that you get from marble flooring. To make your cleaning purpose easy you need to

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Bathroom Tiles design Ideas

Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom will always be an essential part of your home. It is so because it is part of human needs. A bathroom can represent the hidden side of a person’s personality. It is Important that you make your bathroom

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Merits of having Floor Tiles at your home

Floor Tiles

When you think of flooring for your kitchen or bathroom that very first thing that comes to your mind is floor tiles. They are just the perfect things to be used in kitchen and places where there can be an

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