A few facts about Travertine Tiles

Travertine is one of the most durable and beautiful building material available in the market. It is an expensive material but makes your home look more luxurious. It has a timeless natural beauty with unique patterns and colours which are formed over thousands of years. It has been popular among people since the Roman Empire which date backs to 2000 years ago. Travertine Tiles is an incredibly versatile and beautiful material which will compliment any of your home decors. It gives your home a modern yet classic and elegant look.

Let us look some of the interesting fact about travertine:

  1. Travertine is a type of limestone. It is usually formed in hot springs and found all around the world. Travertine is a sedimentary rock and is also composed of calcium carbonate which is a primary component of shells.
  2. Travertine has roots beyond roman times. It was earlier called lapis tiburtinus meaning Tibur stone and later was named travertine derived from the name of an ancient Italian city Tibur which is now known as Tivoli.
  3. Travertine is porous. The holes in the material give it a distinctive natural look and chaotic texture. The bubbling of the carbon dioxide present in it makes holes and pockets. This hole in the travertine is filled up in a factory with grout and is very hard to detect as it is blended very perfectly. The smaller the hole in the stone the premium the travertine is.
  4. Travertine is quarried with a variety of methods. The methods used in mining travertine include water jet cutting machines, wire saws, channelling machines and chain saws. After the quarrying process is complete they take the stone to a mill, warehouse or any kind of production facility. Here the finishing touches are given to the stone and cut into slabs.
  5. Travertine is a very unique stone. No travertine slab is alike and the hole and pockets gives it a unique texture. This incredible stone has great and unique patterns that are created by the carbon present in it.Travertine Tiles
  6. Travertine has a wide range of colour options. Along with uniqueness in patterns, the colours of travertine are also very unique. As pointed out earlier each and every slab of travertine is different from other even in colours. The traditional colour that you find in travertine is white, brown, tan gold and cream. You may also come across colours like pink, orange or red with black veins coursing between them.
  7. There is also variety of styles in which travertine tile is produced. They can be honed, polished, saw cut, brushed or chiselled edge.
  8. To restore its natural beauty travertine should be properly sealed. Travertine is a softer stone than granite.
  9. Travertine is mostly imported in India. They come from quarries of Italy, Turkey, Peru, Iran and Mexico.
  10. Travertine can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. There is a huge travertine wall tile collection available in the market nowadays. A professional installation of these tiles makes your home look incredible.

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