An ideal canvas of tiles for your kitchen and bathroom

A tile wall in the kitchen or bathroom counters which helps to protect the wall from splashes of water is typically known as Backsplashes.

Backsplashes are directly situated behind the sink and can be further extended. There is no such hard technique to install, as it is less messy and can be completed in few hours.

tiles for your kitchen and bathroomKitchen is the only place where we need to protect the wall from splashes of water but also from the grease in the kitchen occurred during the meal preparation or in the bathroom during the use of water.

IT is unavoidable in the case of kitchen due to the damage that occurs due to water and day to day work of kitchen like chopping, using knives on board, food splatter.

In the case of bathroom it’s negotiable but recommendable to use them as they will give a nice look and the area around the sink will not be damaged.

Backsplashes are more than just a splash protector if built with idea and eye for innovation. Use of backsplash can change the look of your kitchen and make it more presentable like art on the wall.

Mostly the same countertops are used but if demanded the installers will provide you with backsplashes as well.

There are different types of Tiles can be used as backsplashes. Ceramic tiles are mainly used and mostly preferred.

The reason behind the preferable use of ceramic tiles can be said as they are available at different sizes, colours, designs, shapes. Ceramic tiles can be cleaned and maintained easily and are not damaged easily.

The backsplashes are built in the kitchen and are placed near the stoves used regularly for cooking because of which heat resistant material is needed. Ceramic tiles have good heat resistant property which fulfils the demand accurately.

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