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Pros and Cons of Decorative Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock which gives you the mirroring look of a beach. Stone floors are beautiful, sturdy and extremely long lasting and they can work in just about any room in the house. Sandstone which has fine grain

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Top 5 Italian marbles for interior designing

best Italian Marble

Today, Italian stone is in demand and most of the people would like to employ it at their house or office. There are various types of availability. Like Perlato Sicilia Marble, Diana, etc. are a few to name from Italian

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5 Best Italian Marbles for Home Décor

Italian marbles

These days Italian Marble is gaining popularity not only for interior home décor but also in commercial décor. Italian marble is widely demanded in offices, big companies, hotels, and other industries. This is because of their riotous appearance, long lasting

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Use tiles for renovating your garden and terrace

Use tiles for renovating your garden and terrace

Using tiles flooring for your garden and terrace can be a good choice because it makes the place look beautiful and the stone is cheap either. A beautiful pathway in your backyard or the garden can change the entire scenario

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Useful Tips for Choosing Natural Stone Products

Stone products have been widely used for home décor in recent years. Unique veins and beautiful color of natural stone provide many creative elements for home designers. More and more people are using natural stone products to decorate their house.

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Different Types of Marble Tile


Marble tile is a widely used building material because of its durability and attractive look. These elegant tiles have been used in the beautiful palaces of renaissance Europe and up to recent years. Today, marble tiles are not only becoming

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Tips of Residential and Commercial Décor through Italian Marble

best Italian Marble

The leading importer-cum-manufacturer is bringing the best Italian Marble tile into the market. Now, the people can desire for sublime beauty and comfort. Here, you can know about some inspiring Italian Marble and its strengths. Statuario: An astonishing white marble

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Home Improvement Using Marble Tiles

Marble tile

There are some homeowners who skip the kitchen when conducting home improvement. They usually spend their time improving their living room and their outdoor space. This is because these areas of their home are exposed to their visitors. These are

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Individual and Assorted Uses of Marble

Marble has been used as a wonder stone for decorative purposes since time immemorial. It has been used in the construction of monuments and palaces since the ancient times because of its beauty and luster. Its durability and sophistication have

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White marble temple for your home

marble dealers in Kolkata

It’s our Indian culture to give a special place to god in our home. A temple in the house adds serenity to the place and brings the members of the family more close to the almighty. A temple built of

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