Month: August 2017

All about Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone Flooring

Sandstone is one of the most widely used natural materials in a vast array of industries today. The sandstone rock is generally composed of quartz. The key cementing ingredient is mainly iron oxide, silica or calcium carbonate, and the rock

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Boon of Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

Marble is a very ingenious material which comes into many uses. Marble flooring has been synonymous with abundance since the golden era. It is a beautiful natural stone that has been used and ornated for long years. Whether you have

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Know About Travertine Tiles


Nowadays, people want their homes to appear more and more attractive. They want that along with their own happy appearance, their homes should also appear happy and bright. Interior designers are given this responsibility of providing a happy-happy look to

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Marble Temples for Positive Vibe at Home

marble temple

One of the most important place in every Indian house is where their God resides ie Home temples. This place in the house has its own importance. This is most beautiful, clean and silent place of the house. Temple enhances

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Advantages of Kitchen Wall Tiles

kitchen wall tiles

Tiles are pretty famous in the kitchen as a wall covering for many years. As an option for helping to create a picturesque, bright, and above all hygienic environment. They have many benefits over types of wall cladding like bare

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Merits of using Granite Countertops

granite countertop

Granite countertop is becoming extremely popular these days. It is now an essential part of every kitchen. It gives an exquisite look and feels to any type of kitchen set. The main feature and beauty of granite lie in that

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Marbles are best for Home Décor

Floor Tiles

One of the best ways to enhance the decor of your home is to choose marble flooring. It is one of the most significant construction elements used in home decors. This natural stone is both attractive and resourceful. It is

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Travertine Tiles are a new gem to modern Décor

kitchen wall tiles

An ideal flooring for commercial and home space; travertine tiles are a new selection in modern decoration. Travertine is becoming popular as a rugged, and low-maintenance for flooring. The stone in itself looks appealing and sophisticated. It is regarded as

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5 reasons why tiles are best options for Flooring

Floor Tiles

Tiles are favourite when it comes to flooring especially in the kitchen. Many owners all over the world opt for floor tiles. So if you have not yet thought about the benefits of a tiled floor then get to know

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