Artistic Ways To Use Marbles In Your Home

Marble is considered to be the most elegant and classy stone. It embellishes your domicile and is an eye-candy for the viewers. It is also used for decorative purposes and is highly recommendable for house and offices due to its resistivity for long years. And when you consider how to use marble for decorative purposes, there are several ways to use this stone in your home, office even your garden. And in this article, we will tell you few amazing to use marble to decorate your life! Enjoy…

  1. Marble used as Sink and Countertop
    Marble is a natural water-resistant stone. Due to this, it is highly preferable in the bathrooms. The sinks and the countertops in the bathroom are expected to be water-resistant. Marble can be considered the best option for these purposes. Also when you wash your hand, you can feel the smooth touch of the marble sink which adds a glance of luster to your bathroom.
  1. Marble used as Bathtub
    Who doesn’t want to feel like an Ancient deity while having a long bath in a tub? Feels like you are on cloud 9 right! Filling up the marble tub with warm water, closing your eyes and enjoying the beauty and elegance of marble. Isn’t that blissful?  With a marble tub, you will be the king of your own bathroom.
  1. Marble used as Fountain
    Having a fountain at your garden area tags you to be a wealthy person. Marble carved fountains are glee to look. Basically, marble is a stone which not only accessorizes the interior of your home but also its exterior. Having a marble carved fountain at your garden area completely changes the look of your garden, as well as the stunning glare, is worth watching.
  1. Marble used as Railing
    Marble is a very strong material to be used for a handrail for both interior and exterior decoration. This is easy to clean and turns out to be the perfect choice for handrail and make you feel like you are taking up or down the stairs in vintage era.
  1. Marble used as Flooring
    The most common area where marble is used is flooring. It enhances the look of your house and also the outlook of your home stays classy and elegant. The white marble flooring blends well with dark wall cladding with apt furniture adds to the perfect paranoma of your home.
  1. Marble used as Stairs
    Just like marble floors, the marble stairs also add a different outlook to your entire house. Marble stairs are especially used for apartment entrances or hallways. When you enter a building with marble stairs in, you take a moment to re-think about where you are going or whom you are going to visit.
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