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Illuminate Your Small Bedrooms With Marble


People think that interior designing of the home is only possible in elite homes. Even when you think of redecorating your bedroom, may it be big or small, you can decorate your bedroom your way. Determining the décor of your

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Types of Indian Marble

marble tiles

India owns a wide scope of dimensional stones that include granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, in various parts of the country. Marble is a metamorphic rock. It is composed of carbonate minerals like calcite or dolomite. Indian marble

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Top 5 Italian marbles for interior designing

best Italian Marble

Today, Italian stone is in demand and most of the people would like to employ it at their house or office. There are various types of availability. Like Perlato Sicilia Marble, Diana, etc. are a few to name from Italian

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Boon of Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

Marble is a very ingenious material which comes into many uses. Marble flooring has been synonymous with abundance since the golden era. It is a beautiful natural stone that has been used and ornated for long years. Whether you have

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Marble Temples for Positive Vibe at Home

marble temple

One of the most important place in every Indian house is where their God resides ie Home temples. This place in the house has its own importance. This is most beautiful, clean and silent place of the house. Temple enhances

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Marbles are best for Home Décor

Floor Tiles

One of the best ways to enhance the decor of your home is to choose marble flooring. It is one of the most significant construction elements used in home decors. This natural stone is both attractive and resourceful. It is

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Beautify your home with Granite


Granite is one of the world’s toughest materials and has been used in buildings for thousands of years. A natural stone, it is formed by extreme heat and pressure deep underground. Granite has various characteristics that make it a popular

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Classification of White marbles

Marble has an incredible ability make any room in your home turn into a luxurious palace like feeling. There probably is no better substitute of marble. Speaking of that, white marbles looks flawless at the same time it has many

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