Manifest Their Natural Beauty in Stone – Marble, Onyx, Granite, Travertine

A great idea to “light up” your old looking bathroom and kitchen and bring the natural beauty to home is to try gorgeous Stone Sinks. Granite, Onyx, Marble, Travertine…which stone to choose? Well, that depends on your preference, each stone has its own unique features:

Onyx is an agate-like stone often translucent with a layered appearance. It is formed in cold mineral springs by calcite precipitation. This unique natural stone product is an expression of luxury and charm. It has beautiful, translucent, and contrasting colors.

Marble has several types, including calcites, dolomites, serpentines (typically green marbles) and travertine’s (sedimentary limestone). Each of these is similar in their composition, that being predominantly calcium carbonate, and their capability to take a polish. They are all equally beautiful.

OnyxGranite is one of the most popular natural stone on the market. Sources of granite can be found worldwide. About two-thirds that are seen in the market come from Brazil, China, and India. Granite is typically heat resistant. Studies of bacteria retention on common countertop surfaces and sinks have proven granite to be superior to the majority of surfaces employed for that purposes.

Travertine is limestone that has been formed over a long period of time. The product is porous with many visible holes. Travertine comes in several shades of creme/beige, brown, pink and gold, and is available in a number of different tile sizes and slab thicknesses. Some of the largest travertine deposits in North America are located in New Mexico.

With the popularity of going green and going natural, Stone Kitchen Sinks and Stone Vessel Sinks have been among the hot topics in the kitchen and home decor.

Granite Sink has been an exceptional choice for a kitchen and/or a bathroom sinks. Granite vessels are highly durable and easily cleaned leaving a look of nothing but beauty behind. With its hardness and the harsh origins that make it very resistant to certain types of wear, many of the things you would have to worry about with a lesser material is simply not an issue.

Travertine Sink, with its shades and color, Travertine Sink has been a great addition to bathroom sinks.

Onyx Sink, meticulously carved by the experts and treated as a piece of fine art, you can never go wrong with our onyx sinks. With its translucent property combined with the carefully polished finish, a magical glow is inspired by the light that strikes from behind the vessel. Having this translucent beauty offers more than just aesthetics to your home, but superior functional decoration.

Marble Sink, no portion of this stone product is the same, and with this feature, a one of a kind sink in your kitchen or bathroom is absolutely made just for you. The wide variety of designs that are artistically created -simple, yet elegant, will definitely give your choices for your preference for your kitchen and bathrooms.

Weigh the characteristics of various stones, find your desired Sink for your Kitchen and Bath.

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