New Living Room Designs

When someone steps into your house the first thing they notice is how well is your living room designed and furnished.  Living room is that space of the home where you furnish your comfortable sofa’s with small showcased table and other accessories too. The decoration of your living room is the main eye candy topic for interior design. Get ready for some serious living room action!  Starting from tile flooring to contemporary 3D wall cladding to full-scale art installation.

We always see the white and nude color being used in living room, why not try mixing and matching the colors according to the color of your furniture or the color of your walls. You can enhance your living room by proving for tiles with matte finish on the floor and one colored walls. Supposedly if the color of your tiles is dark then you can blend it with light colored or white colored walls.

The flooring of the living room can be covered with oversized travertine tiles can be used. Natural stone has a cooler feel under foot. And in climates that experience some seasonal chill, stone works great with radiant heating because it maintains and distributes the heat better than wood.  It gives your floor a shiny gloss and texture which attracts keen attention to viewers. For flooring purpose, you can also use stone type porcelain tiles. It has a matte finish and looks great indeed. You get all the charm of an Old World grotto with all the chip and moisture protection of hard-wearing ceramic. And if you are fond of marble, marble flooring looks stunning amongst all. It gives a classy feel and the glossy touch brings out the beauty of your beautifully carved living room.

Try out the concept of one colored wall cladding with marble or honed porcelain tiles. You can use backlight onyx to enhance one part of the wall pair with it light colored walls. Or you can completely embellish your home with white and grey or balck marble. You can even try out marble flooring and cladding. Furnish your home into a palace like look.

Aren’t you excited to furnish or renovate your living room.Thar marbles brings to you different types of porcelain, vitrified, ceramic tiles to furnish your flooring and also the marbles that is the eye candy of your home décor. Design your new living area with TharMarbles  and experience the eye-catchy glances from your neighbors and friends.

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