Thar marbles| Tips to buy good quality Indian marbles

Every room must speak for itself when a guest arrives in your home. The environment of the place has a huge effect on the behavior of the people living inside it. The beauty of the house will surely impact the way you think and live in day-to-day life. So it is very crucial to decorate your house in the best possible way. The stones used for the flooring of the kitchen, bathroom, drawing room, dining room, bedroom, etc. should be selected wisely because they decide the beauty of the rooms. Marble dealers in Kolkata stores various types of Indian marbles which are perfectly suitable for flooring. Thar marbles are the best marbles showroom in Kolkata which supplies Alberta, Aspur, Black gold, Brown forest, Dharma, and much more Indian marbles variety at very reasonable price.

Marbles have always trust and selected by the owners for interior home decoration as well as remodeling. From Olden times, it has been selected to building up homes and their interiors. Besides, it is also used for ornamental works. Another additional point is that has various color ranges. Below we have mentioned one of the best ways to buy or select the best Indian marbles for your home.


Tips to purchase Indian marbles

  • Take feedback from your relatives or friends- Before purchasing stones for renovating your house you must take feedback from any person who has used them. This will help you in deciding the type of marbles and their price. Your friends and colleagues can suggest best marble dealers in Kolkata.


  • Do some research- Most of the online stone dealers put the price list of various marbles on their website, you can check the price of the product you desire and make your budget accordingly.
  • You should ask the previous clients about the service of the dealer you are about to deal with.
  • Before buying any marble, make sure there are no sorts of cracks. Inspect each and every slab personally.
  • Marble should create a ringing sound when you strike with a hard object.
  • While buying the marble, make sure you look keenly into the stains. The Price gets suitably adjusted accordingly.
  • The price of marbles increases with size. The greater the marble, the greater the price.
  • If you want to buy the colored marble then you keenly check it. To check you can rub a piece of cloth soaked in Kerosene Oil or petrol over the stone.
  • Marble stones are very strong and durable stones. Therefore before buying, check whether the stone is strong enough or not. It should not chip off from the surface if struck by any hard object.


Thar marbles is a leading marbles dealer in Kolkata. It is into marbles and granite industry since last 30 years and has a huge reputation. You can get some of the best Indian marbles of various price ranges at Thar marbles.If you are planning to renovate your house floors you are recommended to implement Indian marbles.

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