View of Floor Tiles in Each Room

If you want to have floors in your room decorated with tiles, you should know which type of tiles would look good in different rooms. It can be bit tough to decide about the best floor tile to attach to our floors. It is important to choose the best color shade and pattern for flooring. Therefore, we have come up with some tips on deciding for your floor tiles in each room.

Different Floor Tiling Ideas:


It is the place where guest are mostly invited. Even we stay here to rest after a long tiring day. Basically it serves as a reception and a family room. If you are thinking of flooring the area with tiles, go for wooden looking tiles. You can also get matte finish travertine tiles also you can create some eye-catchy areas with Onyx. A beautifully designed tile in your living room glances to be more attractive than normal flooring.


It is the place for preparing family meals. Due to this, there can be a lot of mess in the area. When you are choosing the tile for kitchen, always know about the cleanliness. Get the best one that is easy to clean. The best choice for kitchen flooring is ceramic tile. With ceramic tile, you can mop the floor and the kitchen tiles get easily cleaned.


Choosing tiles for bathroom is quite easy. You need to choose the one that is easy to clean and non-slippery. You can also use colorful tiles to make an eye-catchy effect. Ceramic tiles are quite popular for this kind of flooring. You can either opt for the glazed ones or the honed ones too.


The bedroom must always have a warm feel into it. This is the place where we spend time for resting. The designs of this place should be relaxing and comfortable to the eyes. The best tile to use will be natural stone tiles. The natural color with little designs is soothing to the eyes. You can choose different patterns and colors as per your choice.

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